STACI Branding

STACI Corporation provides custom-designed manufacturing and supply chain solutions to mid-sized Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Their service footprint includes three principle areas – Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Printed Circuit Board and Electro-mechanical Components.

We were asked to create the brand mark, marketing plans to increase sales and a website for customer to learn more about STACI.

We identified that there were two target markets for STACI to focus their efforts on. The first is the CEO level that is concerned about the bottom line costs and the second is the engineer who is concerned with producing a product that the customer needs.

A brand mark was developed to look and feel like a circuit board and the website was design for the two targets to navigate easily.

The direct mail campaign was created that included a unique brochure that contained information about STACI printed on it and allowed for a DVD and inserts to be placed inside corresponding to the individual target market.

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